About Us

The people behind PromoteMyPlace

Who we are

Behind PromoteMyPlace is a friendly team of online development experts with something in common. We want to help small businesses (just like us!) and holiday rental owners like you to promote their services online, simply and affordably.

We set up our business, WebReactive, in 2006 with the aim of providing easy-to-use website-building templates and tools that enable absolutely anyone, with no technical expertise, to produce their own professional quality website.

PromoteMyPlace is one of our favourite projects.

Why we set up PromoteMyPlace

First of all, we're passionate travellers. And we've travelled around quite a bit. For us, PromoteMyPlace was a great way to combine what we know about travel – especially self-catering – with our desire to help small businesses succeed.

Having searched for places to stay, we know how important it is for holiday rental owners to have a professional website to showcase their accommodation. But who wants to pay up to £1000 for a bespoke website? Having seen many a badly designed and ineffective holiday rental website on our travels, we decided we could help.

That's when we created PromoteMyPlace, launched in November 2010. It offers holiday rental owners something completely new - an easy, inexpensive way of getting their very own professional website. We're thrilled that it's helped so many holiday rental owners get their properties online, and we love the feedback we've had.